Pram ABC Design Turbo 4S and 6s Review

When it comes to parents and strollers, the Turbo 4s and 6s are two prams worth noting, they are both cheap, but good quality and get the job done. Many parents swear by them as being the best baby strollers out there. They have a great price-performance ratio, which is enough to catch the attention of any parent. Because of the price, a few minor things are overlooked.

While some parents have the ability to buy more expensive strollers, but what about those who are unable too? That is where the ABC Design Turbo 4s and 6s come into play, they market to those who want high quality strollers for daily use, but without the price tag of a new car.

The ABC Design Turbo 4s and 6s provide a pram-suit that is actually a full six various stroller models which can be used from birth, up to 15kg. This means you will be making an investment that will last you a while.

When it comes to design, the first difference you notice is the wheels. The Turbo 6s has four front wheels, with two of them being swivel wheels for suspension and the Turbo 4s has spring mounted wheels. This is standard, with the back wheels being made from solid rubber to give your child the best ride possible.

Also, the sports seat is able to be installed against the direction of travel to help keep wind and the elements from your child, while keeping a better eye on them as well. The handlebar is also adjustable, which many stroller models lack, adjustable between 90cm and 101 cm.

Made from aluminum, both stroller models are lightweight and they offer a five point harness with adjustable guard. Foot operated parking brakes allow for quick safety and release too, a plus for on-the-go style parents!


  • Max weight up to 15kg
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Safety features


  • For the price range, we could not find any cons.


Overall, if you are looking for a high quality stroller on a budget, the ABC Design Turbo 4s and 6s prams are great options to go with. You will get many features for the price range, without spending a fortune. They also last for a while, and you can be stress free knowing your baby will be comfortable and get the smooth ride he/she deserves. You also have the ability to face your child’s seat towards you to avoid harsh elements and to keep a closer eye on them. This stroller is considered by many parents to be the best budget stroller out there.