About Pacifiers And Thumb-Sucking

Doctors and parents alike have become more concern about babies sucking their thumbs, due to the structure of the infant’s mouth being altered over a period of years. There have been different studies which showed that pacifiers are connected to the ear infections babies get.


A few of the advantages of pacifiers and thumb-sucking:

Having a pacifier or being allowed to suck on a thumb could benefit a baby by helping him/her fall asleep and/or settle down.

This is considered a big advantage as far as thumb-sucking or using a pacifier goes. It seems that a pacifier may possibly cut down on the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


A few of the disadvantages of thumb-sucking and/or using a pacifier:

Prolong use of a pacifier increases the risk of getting ear infections. However, from birth until about 6 months of age has a lower rate of ear infections. On the other hand, between the age of birth and 6 months of age is when there is a higher risk of SIDS for your baby, and a pacifier might be able to prevent this from happening.

If a baby uses a pacifier for an extended amount of time, it is possibly that it can lead to future dental problems by causing the teeth to be misaligned, or stop them from coming in properly.


Two of the best pacifiers are:

The Advent pacifier is an Orthodontic pacifier that is Translucent, and made of Silicone. This pacifier has been designed to support the teeth, gums, and palate naturally to assist in their development.

The Philips Avent is a Soothie Pacifier. Hospitals use this type of pacifiers, and they recommend it for babies starting as early as birth. This is also the pacifier that is the best for babies that are breast fed and under 6 months of age, because of the rounded shape of the nipple.

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