Newborn Products You Will Need

It may be surprising, but babies do not require a whole lot of things in the first few weeks. This article is going to cover the basic products you should have for your baby’s needs (not including the temptation and impulse buys of gadgets and adorable cloths). Let’s get to it!

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When it comes to cloths, newborns do not require much. Simply have a few side-snap or side-tie T-shirts that you will be able to dress your newborn in until the umbilical cord has separated. Then, you can dress your baby in a onesie outfit, these will easily pull over the t-shirts, like overalls. We recommend buying at least 6 of these, but more if possible as it is common to go through 2-3 a day.

Otherwise, have plenty of socks available, at least 6 pairs or more.


Six or so stretchy style sleepers will come in handy for covering your baby at night from neck to feet. These usually snap by the leg for easy changes. While good for sleeping at night, these are great for daily and traveling too.

Nightgowns can be used for pajamas; with mittens it can prevent scratching. If it gets cold at night, a single sleep sack will last. are the experts in diaper bags for boys.

Knitted Caps and Sweaters

If you live in a cold region or it is winter, you should have a knitted cap or two that can be used for keeping your newborn nice and toasty. Knitted caps are great for keeping heat in their body’s, as it escapes through the head.

If you have harsh winters, a baby snowsuit is recommended, but using a heavy blanket will work for milder winters.

Cloth Diapers

Buying a couple packs of disposable diaperswould work, but if you want to be green and save money in the long run, cloth diapers are suggested. Having enough for two or three days is enough, babies go through several a day, so stock up when possible. Ensure you get the right size, and if needed a diaper cream should be used while avoiding petroleum based products.

Baby Bathtub

As you should bath your newborn daily, having a baby bathtub can be handy. It is a small bath made from plastic and fits in a sink or tub to make things easier. Of course, you want baby shampoo and baby wash, these are gentler than regular soap.

Disposable Wipes

Like with diapers, you will need to use disposable wipes to keep things clean. Having a decent size pack on hand at all times is recommended. You should avoid using wipes with a fragrance, and don’t use within the first few days.

For the first few days, you should use alcohol wipes to clean around the cord area prior to it falling off.

These are some of the basic things needed when your newborn comes home. Be sure you are ready and grab them on sale when possible during your pregnancy, it could save you money!

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