BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review

If you are like me and you feel as though you are being held back when traveling with your baby? Are looking to go on dirt trails? The BOB Sport Utility is what you are needing, because it was designed for parents looking to take the unbeaten path.

It uses knobby style tires that are 1-inch thick tread, this lets it grab the road better while increasing traction. This is a great feature for moms and dads that are looking for a way to take their new child with them on a daily run, like me. I was somewhat skeptical because I expected my baby to be jarred on the odd dip in the trail, but to my surprise it did not shake them, and I was able to continue my run without worry.

The reason is in the adjustable suspension system. Similar to a mountain bike, it takes off-road environments with ease to provide a smooth ride over roots, rocks, and the uneven terrain. When things get bumpy, the front wheel provides the much needed stabilizing.

With the frame design being lightweight, but high strength, it makes it durable enough to tackle any trail, but light enough to load and unload easily. When it comes to maximum weight limit of your child, it is recommended for children between 26lbs and 70lbs. This means it can be used for the long-term as your child ages, which I really enjoyed knowing.

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Now, I do have to state that this is not your daily stroller (though you can probably use it daily if you choose), it was designed for serious joggers and adventurous parents who enjoy being outdoors. However, if you are looking for a stroller that you can take shopping, I highly recommend the BOB Motion or Revolution models, as they have a swivel front wheel. But, the only main difference between BOB strollers are going to be the wheels. Otherwise, the rest of the design is similar, with adjustable suspension systems, large canopies, and padded seats with lots of storage.

In the end, the BOB Sports Utility stroller comes with all the features that a jogger would be looking for. In fact, the only things I might would want added is an adjustable handle bar and automatic lock. I also found the price varied between models, but the average price of the BOB Sports Utility is $380. I was able to find it on sale with Amazon and I got free shipping.


  • Large canopy
  • Padded seats
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Suspension system keeps ride smooth


  • Lacks automatic locks
  • Handle bar is not adjustable


I am glad that I invested in the BOB Sports Utility stroller. I will be able to continue my jogging routine and stay fit, while keeping my child close by. Because of the weight limit going up to 70lbs, we will be enjoying our runs for a long time.