BOB Revolution SE Stroller Review

Okay jogging parents, when you want to get out there and experience the rough paths, but do not want to be leaving your child with other people and want them to experience all earth has to provide too, I highly recommend the BOB Revolution SE Stroller. It has many great features, such as a large canopy, padded seat with plenty of room, and many places to store things on your travels.

If you are like me, storing things is a given, especially being a new parent I was so paranoid and tried to cover all possibilities. This thing is designed with two mesh pockets, a huge basket and a pocket behind the seat that’s decent size. This let me take along all my needed items, and then some.

The tires are air filled, and measure 16” with an adjustable suspension system that offers your child the smoothest ride possible. Navigating is simple, and you can be sure your baby is comfortable when going over uneven ground and unexpected dips or rocks. This model has a swivel wheel for daily use, but you can lock it in the straight position for when you’re jogging for better stability.

I found the weight limit to be great, as it was created for children between 3 months and up to 70lbs, meaning it was an investment for me that would last a while. If you are wanting to start out with this stroller for your newborn, you simply need the car seat adapter which is sold separately. With the stroller weighing 25lbs, this is average for a jogger style stroller, but features an easy fold system. I found this to be great because I had to load and unload it several times a day.

It’s recommended waiting until your baby is 8 months to jog, but once my baby was old enough I was out the door to try out our first jog together. I already knew the Revolution SE was a great daily stroller, and it held up to my expectations as a jogger too. The ride was smooth, and there was no crying (at one point, even laughter happened)!


  • A large canopy for shade
  • Provides plenty of storage
  • Padded seats
  • Adjustable suspension and front wheel to convert from daily stroller to jogger.


  • Tires are filled with air rather than being solid rubber, this could eventually lead to a flat.


In the end, I am glad that I decided to purchase the BOB Revolution SE stroller for my baby as it has made him and me very happy. It will last us a while, and we are able to go out and spend quality time together jogging, meaning I can finally get back in shape. It’s easy enough to turn as a daily stroller to shop with too!