The safest toys for babies

Toys are something that should be an important part of a child’s life. However, one has to be careful about the toy’s they choose for their little ones. Although we do not think about it as much as we should, toys can be hazardous to our babies and toddlers.

Purchasing toy’s

As parents, we want our babies and toddlers to have good quality toy’s to enjoy. We also would like for those toy’s to be interesting to our children, and teach them things, as well as help in their development. But before you decide to go out and spend a load of money on toy’s it would be a wise thing to check into any local swap stores, or second hand stores. Stored like these will usually have items that are nearly brand new, hardly used, and sometimes they may be new, and the prices on these will stun you. Imagine going home with the toy’s you were looking for and till have some money in your wallet!

Use the following guidelines, and always check and see if any toy you are buying has been recalled:

Always avoid plastics:

The worst plastic toys are the vinyl ones, they are bad not only bad for your child health, but also, for the environment. Vinyl is a toxic material from the time it is produced, throughout its life cycle, until it is disposed of.  Should you find yourself in a position that you have to use vinyl, do yourself a favor and choose the safest vinyl possible, which is labeled (1,2,4, or 5), it can generally be found on the bottom of the product in the symbol.


Natural materials are best:

However, if it shows that the toy is certified to be free of toxic chemicals, and is lead free, it should be safe to buy the toy.

  • Toy’s should be for the appropriate age.
  • It is best to buy toy’s that do not use batteries.
  • Toy’s should be well made.
  • When buying a toy, consider if your child is physically ready to be receiving that toy.
  • Never buy your child a toy that has a cord on it that is more than twelve inches long, or even a string on it that is longer than twelve inches.
  • Do not get your child toy’s with magnets which are small.
  • Watch out for toy’s that are toxic.

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